Create Your Own Personal Cloud and Charge Your Mobile Device with the Apotop DW21 Wi-Copy

Freely Transfer and Share Data Among iOS and Android Devices As Well As Copy Files Between SD Cards and USB Drives

June 25 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – Apotop, a provider of memory, storage, and personal cloud devices, is pleased to announce the DW21 Wi-Copy is now available in the US and Canada.

The DW21 Wi-Copy is the latest addition to Apotop's multi-functional portable personal cloud devices, that not only acts as a power bank, wireless card reader for iOS and Android devices, and wireless router, but also facilitates the transfer of information between SD cards and USB drives.

Directly Copy Files Between SD cards and USB Drives

Using the DW21 Wi-Copy can directly copy music, movie and documents between SD cards and USB drives (including external hard drives) without the need of a PC. Users simply need to put the USB drive and SD card into the DW21 to start the flow of information. This makes it easy to share important, time critical data when in transit to places such as a classroom or business meeting as well as a photographer who has to quickly transfer pictures from one drive to another.

Create a Personal Cloud for iOS and Android Devices

The Apotop DW21 makes it easy to share and transfer files to up five iOS or Android devices (after downloading the app) simultaneously. And with a 3x times faster uploading speed compared to Apotop's DW17 and DW09, the DW21 Wi-Copy helps save time when backing up files. Additionally, high-definition videos can be streamed to these three mobile devices. SD, SDHC and SDXC cards are supported as well as self-powered external hard drives up to 3TB.

Charge Your Mobile Devices

Integrated inside the DW21 Wi-Copy is a 5200mAh battery with 2A output. The fast output lets users charge their mobile devices quickly, and the large battery has the capacity to charge the mobile devices 2-3 times.

Create a Personal Hotspot

With support for 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking the DW21 is a convenient travel sized wireless hotspot. When in a hotel or any other location without Wi-Fi, just plug the LAN line into the to access the internet comfortably on your notebook or mobile device. This Apotop device can even act as a Wi-Fi repeater extending the range of existing wireless networks.

Price and Availability

The Apotop DW21 Wi-Copy is now available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of $109.99.

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