Upgrade Your MacBook Air's Storage Capacity with Apotop AP-U6

Slim-Profile USB 3.0 External Storage Drive Now Available in North America

July 2 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – Apotop, a provider of memory, storage, and personal cloud devices, is pleased to announce the AP-U6 USB 3.0 external storage drive is now available in North America. Thanks to its ultra-compact size and slim profile, the AP-U6 is a cost-efficient way to expand the storage capacities of MacBook Air notebooks.

Due to MacBook Air notebooks having limited storage capacities, Apotop designed the AP-U6 to act as an integrated external storage device that goes unnoticed. The AP-U6's aluminum body and silver color compliment MacBook Air notebooks perfectly, and its shape resembles the MacBook power connector, allowing the AP-U6 to blend in seamlessly. And since it's just 17.6mm long and weighs only 2g, the AP-U6 won't snag and never needs to be removed.

Available in 32GB and 64GB models, the AP-U6 provides a significant boost to the storage capacities of MacBook Air notebooks. Plus, with its USB 3.0 speeds data can be quickly transferred between the AP-U6 and internal drive.

Price and Availability

The Apotop AP-U6 will be available on Newegg and Amazon for the suggested retail price of $49.99.

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