Chenbro RB133G13-U10: Barebone 1U Dual Xeon NVMe SSD Server System

Chassis and Motherboard Ready for All-Flash Array and Tiered Storage Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, June 24, 2020 - Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) launches the RB133G13-U10, a 1U dual Intel Xeon Scalable NVMe SSD server barebone system designed for all-flash array (AFA), tiered and virtualized storage applications in Enterprise. Offering Intel VROC, Apache Pass, and Redfish compliance, the RB133G13-U10 is ideal for high-performance applications such as software-defined storage, virtualization, HPC, Cloud computing, and SaaS, with end-to-end security and effortless management. The scale-up storage design helps Enterprise remain agile to meet future business needs.

For NVMe-Enabled Enterprise Storage Servers

The RB133G13-U10 is a custom 1U chassis pre-fitted with dual Intel Xeon motherboard. Ready to install two Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 28-cores, 165W TDP, with a maximum of 2TB of DDR4 memory, 2X 10GbE connectivity, 1X PCI-E Gen 3 x16 HH/HL expansion slot and with support for up to 10X hot-swappable NVMe U.2 drives, it is an ideal barebone storage solution that scales as a company's needs grow.

Ready For Scalable Storage Servers Setup with Virtual RAID on CPU Standard

Intel® VROC is designed for high-performance NVMe to unleash their full performance potential in RAID arrays. Thus reducing complexity, cost, and power consumption of traditional hardware RAID host bus adapter (HBA) cards placed between the drives and the CPU.

The RB133G13-U10 delivers exceptional performance with high endurance thanks to the ability to support 10 NVMe SSDs directly attached to PCIe bus on the dual-socket server board.

Building Storage Servers that Scale-Up with your Business

The RB133G13-U10 all-Flash barebone is tailor-made for Enterprise use and ready for scale-up with software-defined storage and virtualized computing as your business grows. Thanks to being built upon the Intel Xeon Scalable system architecture, the TCO for Enterprises looking to roll-out cutting-edge storage arrays is low.

Logo Branding & Customization Services for Rackmount Server Chassis

As with other Chenbro chassis, the RB133G13-U10 barebone is available for branding customization. The server case can be modified to meet a customer's needs, including personalized silkscreens, logo plates, and tailor-made bezels to create a Data Center Rackmount in the customer's brand image. Thanks to an agile organization, Chenbro's server customization services can support requests from System Integrators and MSP's for their exclusive clients requiring select quantities.

Quality Server Manufacturing for Fast & Safe Server Assembly by MSP

Building on its 37 years of Taiwan manufacturing excellence, Chenbro assures a quality product manufactured with a sturdy frame and no sharp edges to ensure the well-being of assembly teams in system integrators, rack and stack service providers. The RB133G13-U10 barebone server employs a tool-less design for upgrades and maintenance, including storage, HDD trays, system fans, and PCI-Express riser brackets.

Read more information at the RB133G13-U10 product page and find the RB133G13-U10 video introduction

About Chenbro

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