Comica Audio Launches Vimo Q Four-Channel Mini Wireless Microphone System

Offers Lightweight, Mobile, and High-Quality Audio Recording With New CalMix Processing

Guangdong, China, November 20, 2023 - Comica Audio has announced the launch of its new four-channel mini wireless microphone system: The Vimo Q.

Adding to Comica’s reputation as a maker of professional audio equipment, Vimo Q is a lightweight, mobile product, ideal for video shoots, vlogging, interviews, livestreaming, podcasts, online meetings, and online tutoring. The system includes four transmitter microphone units (TX), a receiver unit (RX), a battery case for transport and recharging, plus key accessories.

Vimo Q supports multi-person synchronized recording, making it perfect for 1-4 person video shooting, live streaming, interviews, podcasting, etc. The attractive clip-on transmitter microphones are extremely compact and unobtrusive. They weigh only 16g, to ensure that they can be securely attached to clothing without discomfort, clothing distortion, or noise – even while the user is moving. The svelte charging and storing case is highly portable at only 330g. The total weight of all components, including receiver, is only about 430g.

CalMix: Smart Noise Removal at the Touch of a Button

Vimo Q features Comica Audio’s new CalMix™ audio processing algorithm that isolates human voices and filters out noise in difficult recording environments such as streets or shopping malls. The one-key denoise capability instantly provides users with more intelligible voice recording.

48kHz/24bit Recording for CD-Level Sound Quality

Vimo Q delivers great high-fidelity audio quality. The 48kHz high sampling rate captures high-frequency signals and provides higher audio quality. The 24-bit depth provides a wider audio dynamic range to record and reproduce the details of audio signals, presenting high fidelity and clear sound.

Universal Device Support, Real-Time Monitoring, and Stereo Mode

The Vimo Q receiver’s clear HD-quality screen shows dynamic audio level bars, battery power, audio mode, and more – at a glance. The display can be flipped 180° for clarity in any orientation. The receiver supports USB-C digital and 3.5mm analog output. This ensures wide compatibility with cameras, smartphones, computers and other devices. The receiver’s dedicated monitoring output supports plug-in headphones to monitor recording status for timely adjustment. The mute function lets users quickly avoid recording unwanted sounds, and the microphone input volume can be adjusted to suit the recording environment. Mono and stereo modes allow a wider range of recording scenarios, and make editing easier.

Two Input Modes: Internal and External Microphone

Vimo Q's transmitters have both a built-in microphone and an external mic input port. So users may use an external Lavalier microphone, keeping the transmitter out of sight. The microphones can be recharged via their USB-C ports while in use, for uninterrupted long-duration recording. Vimo Q provides great audio quality at 48kHz and 24 bits, ensuring high fidelity.

Charging and Storage Case: Duration up to 16 Hours

Vimo Q's case charges and stores the microphones and receiver, making them convenient to carry and use. Each microphone transmitter's battery life is 8 hours. With the charging case, the total battery life is up to 16 hours, ensuring long recording time.

Low Latency Below 20ms, Range Up to 200 Meters

Vimo Q’s latency is below 20ms – almost imperceptible to the human ear – to ensure effectively real-time sound transmission. Transmission distance is up to 200m in open areas, without dead-zones – for long-range on-site recording.

MSRP and Where To Buy

Visit Comica Audio's website to learn more about Vimo Q four-channel mini wireless microphone.
The Vimo Q has a MSRP of $249 USD and it is available in black or white on Amazon.

About Comica Audio

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