Frequently Asked Questions by Technology PR Clients

Below are some questions potential clients like to ask us:

It happens that clients feel insecure with our claim to provide global media reach for your clients. First of all, we have been in the business since 2001. We've collected contacts over many years, building an in-house database of media and journalists. For each region where we offer services, we have staff skilled in the relevant language. We find media that covers the main players - your competitors - and will make sure your company gets exposure. Over the years we have covered every major language in every major language around the world. Obviously our services are driven by clients demand; most of our clients are using services for North America and Western Europe, but we cover also CIS, SE Asia, and Latin America.

We understand the difference between consumer and industrial-oriented media. We believe different media reaches different groups of readers. Targeting the right audience is the only way to make effective and efficient noise in the market. For a list of our services please check:

If you provide us an accurate brief of your situation, we are best able to evaluate the market and forecast expected exposure. Pick up the phone and talk to our consultant: (02) 2882-5577

We do encourage regular PR activities as time goes on. However we also understand that companies may have different strategies or longterm plans. Therefore, we provide both package or retainer-based services. If you have a regular PR schedule, a retainer-based package would be the most economical for you.

There's no easy answer to this question (Placeholder.) Pick up the phone and talk to our consultant: (02) 2882-5577

Don't worry about your language ability. Just give us some marketing materials you have as a sales kit: product introduction video, website, or specification sheets. Our professional copywriter will study your product and handle the communications with foreign media. We have professionals to work in every major language to voice your brand to the world.

We will pitch relevant media to your product. For example: Your company produces an iPhone case. We will assess the related IT media - Apple media, Mobile Computing Media, accessory media - as well as media covering competing cases. We then pitch our contacts in this comprehensive list.

Just think "The consumer can see the news from the media, but can't see any news from your company on media."