The Best Choice for International Technology Public Relations

The market is always competitive while trade shows decline in importance -- it is important now more than ever for technology companies to have good media exposure. Not only consumers, distributors and partners also prefer to get their information from trusted media resources. Working with technology press on an international level, managing multiple regions in different languages can get complicated: this is where we come in.

GlobalPR is your single point of contact for international activities. We take burdens off your company; GlobalPR handles the communication so your team can focus on the marketing, maximizing efficiency while minimizing delays. You'll think we have boots on the ground in every region. With wide reach, exceptional communication skills, a vast media network, and technically knowledgeable staff, we guarantee to find your product's highlights and garner optimal exposure.

Customized Technology PR Services and Consultation

Every company has products targeting different markets and different customers. Start with our strategic marketing consultation and choose our best fitting services for your business.

Native English Speakers

Our base language is English. Provide us the product information and material and our linguistically skilled native English speakers write compelling press releases and technical content that is often published directly as news without being edited by the media – saves editors trouble and increases the chance of covering your products.

Multilingual In-House Team

In the age of Internet physical distance is no barrier, but language is still the key for effective communication.  We employ linguistically skilled native language speakers as media liaisons for localized services, avoiding language barriers and mitigating cultural misunderstanding.

Covering North America

GlobalPR has a long history if cooperation with media from Canada and the USA. Coming from PC enthusiast media we expanded our reach to consumer electronics media, gadgets sites and youtube channels, TV and radio shows as well as local events like LAN parties.

European Markets

With native speakers for most of the languages, GlobalPR works with media in western Europe from Spain, France, Italy, the German speaking countries to the North with UK and the English speaking media in Scandinavia. In the east we traditionally work with the media in Russia and the entire Russian speaking CIS region.

Asian Markets

We are based in Taiwan and speak Chinese, but our each goes to the South covering the English speaking countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and press "down under" in Australia. Our local language staff reaches out to Vietnam and Thailand.

Translations by Local Tech Professionals

No matter if press release, contributed articles, white papers or other translation, GlobalPR has it's own team of local technology translators. As former tech journalists they know the technology and how to translate technical terms correctly. Together with our in house team each piece of content gets proof read by at least two native speakers.

We built-up and use our own media contact database

We create and manage our own media contact database, which constantly update. Forging into new countries and fostering new relationships. Each client has products with their own little niche and we always seek out new media opportunities for those products during our product launch preparations.

Total Solution of Brand Marketing Services

Public Relations is only a part of the services of our company. Online and print advertising, advertising on air ports or public transportation, video marketing are just example of what we can do for clients.