Tenda is Keeping WiFi Simple This Black Friday

Get the Easy-To-Use AC15 WiFi Router for an Unprecedented Low Cost at Tigerdirect.com

November 24, 2015 – Walnut City, Calif. – Tenda Technology Inc.® a subsidiary of Shenzhen Tenda, an experienced, global brand of wired and wireless networking hardware, announces an impending Tigerdirect sales promotion this shopping season. We know that after the buzz of Black Friday wears down, there will be many more devices in your home fighting over the WiFi signal. The Tenda AC15 is a simple solution: expanded bandwidth for everyone and improved, hassle-free management of connected devices. The AC15 packages the new 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi standard, Gigabit speed, and useful network utilities in a simple, straightforward router. The AC15 is designed for online entertainment, home networking with IoT devices, and to support the growing number of connected home gadgets – an inevitability for many families this holiday season. For a limited time – from Friday, 11/27 to Monday, 11/30 at Midnight – Tenda is dropping the already low price of its AC15 router for unprecedented value. We can't even tell you how low here.

Quick, Simple Installation and Operation

The AC15 is designed for ease of operation; it's about as easy as plug-and-play installation. Tenda's easy-setup wizard makes installation fast and simple, offering a suite of iOS and Android apps to help you get started. For power users, the more detailed options are still available in the menus. The AC15 uses Beamforming+ technology that focuses the signal where it is needed most, reducing interference from other devices. The router also acts as a personal cloud via its USB 3.0 port, for fast, secure access to external hard drives. Its built-in print server makes it effortless to access a printer from anywhere in the home or office. Its power cycle can even be scheduled to save electricity when it's not in use.

Gaming and HD Video Streaming IS Fast and Simple

The AC15 is well-suited to HD video streaming and online gaming with up to 1900Mbps of total bandwidth. It's just as fast as devices three times the price, and has better range and WiFi power than other big brands and more expensive routers. Other products in this category are on sale for much more – paying $200 or more is not unusual. The AC15 is typically sold at $129.99 and is periodically on sale for $100. Craig Ellison of SmallNetBuilder was a little amazed and noted its value: TENDA's AC15 AC1900 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router is surprisingly good for a $100 C1900 class router. Now Tenda is pushing the price even lower; one could elect to buy a flashy router that looks like a space ship, or instead choose the affordable Tenda AC15 with money leftover to gift another to a friend. We can't tell you the price here, but it will be lower than any price so far. Check the TigerDirect page all weekend from Black Friday through midnight on Cyber Monday for this special promotion.

The Very Affordable Alternative: The Tenda FH304

For those with simpler needs, or who wish to expand a wireless 802.11n network for very little money, Tenda would like to announce an additional sale. The Tenda FH304 Wireless N300 High Power Router, Access Point, and Universal Repeater offers wireless speed up to 300Mbps with three 5dBi external antennas. It can also be found all weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday at Tigerdirect for a ridiculously low price.

Price and Availability

The AC15 is available on Tigerdirect for an undisclosed sale price from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Find more information on the Tigerdirect sale page for the Tenda AC15. Or on the Tenda product page here: AC15

The FH304 can be found here, check the sale price: FH304 Black Friday sale at Tigerdirect with more information here: FH304.

About Tenda Technology Inc.®

Headquartered in Walnut City, California, Tenda Technology Inc. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Tenda, a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing networking devices and equipment. Since September 2013, Tenda has provided logistics, supply and support for all Tenda WiFi routers and networking solutions. Tenda provides wireless AC routers, range extenders, access point, powerline adapters, IP cameras and home switches. Business IP and WiFi solutions include wireless wall, ceiling and outdoor AP plates; access controllers; PoE, managed, unmanaged switches and PoE injectors; and HD IP cameras. Sold at all big online retailers, Tenda provides 24 hour technical support at 1-800-570-5892, or [email protected]