Autel Enhances EVO Nano and EVO Lite Series Drones With Firmware Update

More video frame rate options, manual focus control and many more enhancements added

Washington, United States, February 17th, 2022 - Pilots of Autel Robotics’ popular EVO Nano and EVO Lite series of drones can now download free firmware updates that add exciting new features, greatly enhance ease-of-use and performance, and address issues raised by user feedback. The new features include multiple video frame rate choices up to 50 fps (24/25/48/50 fps), manual focus control for most models, and enhanced photo resolution options in some models. Users can get more details of the new firmware at the Autel Robotics website now. These software upgrades are applicable to Autel’s EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite, and EVO Lite+ drones.

New features and enhancements

With the new firmware, users can now enjoy a wider range of video frame rate options, including 24, 25, 48 and 50 fps. These frame rate settings not only give users greater control of video quality but also make possible enhanced shooting techniques. The new manual focus control available on the Lite, Lite+ and Nano+ let users generate exactly the shots they want. The new customizable photo stamps, currently available in the English-language version of Autel’s app, are ideal for professional applications where time of day and other information needs to be recorded directly in the frame.

Various existing features have been improved and streamlined. For example, tapping and holding the zoom button (displayed after take off) now enables optimized continuous zoom mode. Album ordering has been improved for all models and SD Card handling has been improved. There are a number of improvements especially for the EVO Nano series: Issues with video ‘jello’-effect and horizon leveling have been fixed. Speed Priority (max 15m/s or 33mph) and Video Priority (max 13m/s or 29mph) options have been added in Ludicrous Mode. Wind resistance performance when hovering has also been improved. And, finally, EVO Nano+ and EVO Nano have gained new high photo resolutions of 8192x6144 and 8000x6000 respectively.

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EVO Nano series firmware package V1.1.14 details:
EVO Lite series firmware package V1.1.4 details:

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