COUGAR Announces Two High-End Modular Gaming Power Supply Series – CMX V2 and GX V2 – in the Philippines

Highly Efficient Power Supplies with VORTEX Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing Fans

26 March 2013, Taipei Taiwan - COUGAR, a manufacturer of German designed computer chassis and power supplies, is pleased to announce that two modular gaming power supply series – CMX V2 and IF Design and Innovation Award winning GX V2 – are available in the Philippines.

Equipped with VORTEX HDB Fans

The 80Plus Bronze certified CMX V2 series with 89% peak efficiency and the 80Plus Gold certified GX V2 series with 93% peak efficiency are equipped with COUGAR's patented VORTEX hydro-dynamic-bearing (HDB) 140mm fans. These high airflow fans provide optimal cooling efficiency which in turn leads to a reduction of the fan speed and extremely quiet operation. In addition, COUGAR's HDB technology also prolongs the power supply's lifespan.

Advanced Modular Cable Design

The modular cable management of both the CMX V2 and GX V2 series is further improved by the flat cable design. This design gives gamers a simplified installation process as well as reduces air friction – maximizing air flow.

Dynamic Multi-12V Line

The automatic dynamic load distribution multi-12V rails of both of these series provide power separately to the GPU and CPU. With this feature, gamers can benefit from improved performance in high-end graphics card SLI® or CrossFire® setups.

Aggressive Gaming Styling

The CMX V2 and GX V2 power supplies have a gaming aesthetic design to match their gaming rich features. The black and orange metallic coating in combination with honeycomb-shaped mesh of the CMX V2 distinguishes this power supply from traditional PSU looks, while the GX V2 with its rugged black coating and gold colored aluminum fan grill, lets onlookers know that it is a high-performance gaming power supply.


The 80Plus Bronze certified COUGAR CMX V2 series is now available in the Philippines in 450W/550W/700W/850W/1000W/1200W versions.

The 80Plus Gold certified COUGAR GX V2 series is now available in the Philippines in 600W/800W/1050W versions.


COUGAR CMX V2 series

COUGAR GX V2 series





For detailed specifications of the COUGAR CMX V2, please visit:

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