COUGAR Announces Universal Voltage SL Power Supply Series for the Philippines

Highly Reliable, Energy Efficient Power Supply in Four Models: SL 400, SL 500 & SL 600

9 May 2013, Taipei Taiwan - COUGAR, a manufacturer of German designed computer chassis and power supplies, is pleased to announce the Cougar SL PSU Series, power supplies for enthusiast computer builders on an affordable budget.

The three models in this series, SL 400, SL 500 & SL 600, are engendered for quiet operation in any current and next-generation multi-core CPU computer system. The 120mm temperature controlled fan provides plenty of cooling and quiet operation. The fan speed will automatically lower for silence when not needed and increase for more cooling when the system is in full use. High efficiency of up to 80% equals to reduced energy consumption. And the high reliability means this power supply will be with you for many upgrades to come.

The SL series has been designed with today’s multi-GPU and CPU systems in mind while keeping an eye on coming needs. The universal voltage accepts input from AC115V/230V 50 or 60Hz systems. The dual 12V rails provide steady and safe power to high need critical systems. They will also supply PCI Express 2.0 power to next-generation Nvidia & ATI/AMD graphic cards with 6 pin or 8(6+2) pin PCI-E connectors. The multi-protection design also provides for the safety of all the equipment hooked to it. Over-Voltage-Protection (OVP), Over-Power-Protection (OPP), Under-Voltage-Protection (UVP) and Short-Circuit-Protection (SCP) are all included.

The COUGAR SL PSU Series is now available in the Philippines from selected COUGAR distributors and retailers.


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