COUGAR Introduces MG100 - Micro-ATX Gaming Tower for the Philippines

Sleek, Modern Styled Micro-ATX Chassis for High Powered Enthusiast Level Systems

31 July 2013, Taipei, Taiwan - COUGAR, a manufacturer of computer chassis, fans and power supplies, has introduced a new full featured, mini tower PC case, the COUGAR MG100. The MG100 delivers expansion capability in a sleek, modern looking micro-ATX with special hair-lined front panel design.

The COUGAR MG100 case is a mini tower that has been space optimized to accept longer high-end gaming graphics cards of up to 330mm despite its modest dimensions of 180 x 370 x 420mm (WxHxD). With Intel Gen 4 (Haswell) and current full featured micro-ATX motherboards, it is easy to build a system that is equivalently powered as larger ATX based offerings.

The MG100 mini tower’s sleek, modernistic look with a hair-lined front panel nicely fills the need for a full featured yet small sized case with an elegant look to fit in any location in your house.

The COUGAR MG100 comes with tool-less installation mechanisms for both external 5.25” bays and the two internal 3.5” device bays. Also included are one external 3.5” and one floor mounted 2.5” device bay for SSD or laptop hard drives.

The COUGAR MG100 case has support for 4 fans with one rear 120mm fan pre-installed to facilitate efficient front to back air flow for maximum cooling. Additional fans up to 120mm in size can be installed in the front and the side panel.

A modern front USB3.0 port is included for convenience at maximum data transfer speeds. More standard front features include headphone and microphone jack, a USB2.0 port and prominent power and reset buttons.

Price and Availability

The COUGAR MG100 case will be available in the Philippines in August for US$39.

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