Diaper Plus

Diaper+ announces the smart, mobile connected diaper sensor for infants and adults

Making life happier, healthier, and more comfortable for diaper wearers, parents and caregivers

Taipei, Taiwan, December 12, 2017 - Diaper+ is pleased to announce the start of the crowdfunding campaign for the new Diaper+ smart diaper sensor. Perfect for novice parents and for caregivers, Diaper+ provides instant mobile updates and alerts on the state of a diaper, so it can be changed before it becomes uncomfortable, but without requiring constant checking – making life far easier for all parents and caregivers. Diaper+ can be used by both infants and adults, and it provides a discrete, low cost solution to one of the most serious and tiring everyday challenges of parenting and caregiving. Diaper+ is suitable for use in homes, care homes, clinics and hospitals.

Unlike competing devices which only monitor the moisture level, Diaper+ tracks temperature changes, with finely-tuned analysis of this data to produce far more accurate and timely information. Diaper+ constantly monitors the diaper, so there's no need to wake babies or disturb the diaper wearer with frequent intrusive checking or questions. But as soon as the diaper needs to be changed, the parent or caregiver is alerted and can take prompt action, preventing discomfort and greatly reducing the risk of diaper rash and soiled clothes and bedding. For the elderly, the discrete monitoring of Diaper+ helps preserve dignity and self-respect.

The device and its accompanying mobile app provide remote notification to mobile phones and tablets, so parents and caregivers can monitor the situation and be alerted, wherever they are. This provides adult caregivers far more freedom to run errands, care for multiple children or adults, take a well-earned rest, do housework and so on, while still being able to quickly attend to the needs of their family members and care recipients.

Diaper+ communicates via Bluetooth, with a range of 10 meters indoors and 15 meters outdoors. However, the range is extended by the Diaper+ app, which can relay diaper status information and warnings to any compatible internet-connected mobile device, anywhere. The app can let the primary caregiver closely monitor the situation when a child or elderly relative is left in the care of another person. And, as the app keeps a record of important events – including urination, diaper checking, and diaper changes – it is also an easy way to monitor the wearer’s health and comfort over time and to keep track of the diaper supply. The app is available for Android devices (Android 4.3 and above), and a version is under development for iPhones and other Apple IoS devices (IoS 5 and above).

The slim, comfortable and lightweight Diaper+ monitor measures only 3cm x 1cm and weighs just 12g, so it attaches easily to the diaper without causing discomfort. Diaper+ is securely encased in a soft medical antibacterial silicone cover, and can be easily cleaned and sterilized by wiping with alcohol. The safe, low power battery is estimated to provide sufficient power for approximately 4 months of normal use.

Visit the Diaper+ website at: http://www.diaperplus.com.tw

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Diaper+ is currently priced at $68. Read more about the Diaper+ crowdfunding campaign and join in at: https://goo.gl/mvLtKn

About Diaper+

Diaper+ is focused on simple, affordable and easy-to-use devices that make life happier, healthier, and more comfortable for diaper wearers, parents and caregivers. Diaper+ is the product of years of effort and research. It is a team effort, a collaborative project that draws upon the strengths of academia and industry in Taiwan. Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, provided technical advice on human factor devices, Edwin Wu and EzTransducer Technology handled product R&D and app design, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management assisted with algorithm construction, China University of Science and Technology contributed system integration services, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology then provided clinical testing, and Kevin Wu and Ching Chun Technology were responsible for brand marketing.