EZCast Launches EZCast Ultra at IFA Berlin 2019

View epic multimedia and videos in 4K

Taipei, Taiwan, August 28, 2019 - EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies in Taiwan, will be releasing the EZCast Ultra at the IFA Berlin Show. The EZCast Ultra delivers 4K content streamed to any 4K capable multimedia device in crystal clear format.

Due to be launched at IFA Berlin 2019, the EZCast Ultra provides 4K HDR capability using the standard 4K video decoder which sends ultra-sharp images at stable rates from its powerful Quad Core SoC chipset. The device can process 4K videos at 60fps in smooth, vivid images.

Cross-platform and multi-OS support

Besides its superb resolution, “Cross-platform compatibility and multi-OS support have always been our biggest selling points,” said Wayne Lee, Chief Technology Officer of EZCast. From iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, macOS to Windows devices, the EZCast Ultra can stream any video or media to an external screen, while maintaining the quality of the existing content.

For instance, EZCast Ultra supports native screen mirroring protocols such as Miracast, DLNA, iOS mirroring, so a user can project smartphone and laptop content to a TV. Also, with EZChannel, the on-demand streaming platform powered by EZCast, users can enjoy playlists of online videos across multiple platforms anytime, and anywhere.

Seamless integration with mainstream smart home devices

Today, smart home devices have become more popular than ever within the industry. “By supporting the mainstream smart home speakers, we can make your home even smarter,” said Lee. ”By leveraging the Google Home and Amazon Alexa APIs, users can activate the EZCast Ultra without lifting a finger.”

The cutting-edge voice control features make EZCast Ultra a truly smart home-compatible media device. A user can play, pause, rewind, fast forward, or stop videos using voice commands. By combining voice-to-text technology, a user can not only search for online videos, but also add them to a playlist.

“Though the market today is getting as competitive as ever, we see great user experience as our core value, “ said Lee. “We make content sharing faster than ever, and let customers build a stronger connection with others. We, EZCast, will keep expanding our market by releasing quality, cutting-edge products.”

Read more about EZCast Ultra at https://www.ezcast.com/product/ezcast/ezcastultra

EZCast at IFA Berlin 2019

Please come visit us on September 6 to 11 at
Location: Messegelände Berlin, ExpoCenter City
Booth: Hall 25 at No. 263d

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