Giada at Infocomm 2019: New Solutions Based on Latest Technology Power DS Ecosystem

June 18th 2019 – Shenzhen, China – Giada, the number one media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, displayed its latest high-performance media players, compatible with its self-developed content management system GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management System), at booth 475 during the annual InfoComm show held in Orlando, Florida through June 12-14th. These new solutions are capable of powering multiple vertical industries, including retail, education, collaboration, fintech, transportation, and especially next-generation retail.

InfoComm 2019 is the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, with thousands of products for audio, unified communications and collaboration, display, video, control, digital signage, home automation, security, VR, and live events.

Smart displays are rapidly evolving as customers are looking for sleeker and more sophisticated designs. Displays are getting ever less bulky, with virtually unnoticeable bezels and ultra-thin profiles. Applications of all-in-one displays such as magic mirrors, rotating screens and smart shelves are putting pressure on designers and system integrators to evolve with the “thin is in” trend and reduce the size of the media players driving these displays.

As digital signage prevails in various industries, especially in retail, customers’ requirements for user experience are increasing, and many of those demands need energy-efficient computer power and high-quality graphics performance. In addition, interactivity is taking the market by storm. As users get familiar with mobile devices and tablets, they want the same experience on desktop and public venue displays. Natural human interface research is showing that Touch is everywhere.

It is common these days to spot new technological innovations lining the walls and streets. One of them is the video wall, a series of computer monitors, television sets or video projectors linked together to create one large screen. You may have seen these lining walls in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, workplaces and educational institutions, advertising one thing or another.

Giada SDM Modules

To help designers and system integrators balance the various requirements of modern displays and to bring standardization to the fragmented media player market, Intel® developed the Intel Smart Display Module (Intel SDM) specification. Giada, as a reference design partner of Intel SDM, offers the SDM-Z8350, an Intel SDM-S module, and SDM-7300U, an Intel SDM-L module.

Giada displayed its popular SDM-Z8350 module supporting display partners’ screens during the exhibition. This module features Intel® Atom Cherrytrail Z8350 CPU and up to 4 GB of onboard memory. SDM-Z8350 is compatible with Giada’s self-develop content management system GDSM, which showcases GDSM’s ability to support rich terminals, including media players and SDM modules.

At Giada’s booth, visitors could see a live demo of GDSM and SDM-Z8350, which showcased targeted advertising based on face recognition technology. Empowered by AI and deep learning, GDSM can identify customers by face recognition. Then, according to their purchasing history, smart signage can accurately display advertisements appealing to them.

High-performance signage players

Giada has recently released several high-performance media players, including DM6 with AMD Ryzen processors, D68 powered by Whiskey Lake CPUs, and BQ67, a high-end fat client with desktop CPU.

The cost-effective DM6 applies the power and performance of AMD Ryzen CPUs and offers 4K video output via four HDMI ports. D68, a book-sized PC, which supports triple independent outputs of 4K displays and touch screen, can bring organizations all the performance and efficiency they require. BQ67 uses Intel Core Skylake-S/Kabylake-S series processors and supports 10 USB ports, including 4x USB 3.0 and 6x USB 2.0.

Powerful multi-display series

To better support various customers’ requirements, Giada has also developed a series of multi-display players, such as the G468, a video-wall signage player powered by AMD V1000 series processors; and the G367, a triple 4k player with discrete graphics engine.

G468 has four HDMI 2.0 outputs and supports 4K resolution at 60Hz. With its compact size and low power consumption, the G468 is ideal as the heart of a versatile four-screen video wall solution in smart retail scenarios, travel agencies, theaters, fashion showrooms, food courts and so on.

Designed for advanced digital signage and multi-display projects, the G367 combines high processing and graphics performance with excellent expansion flexibility. Powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT730 GPU for advanced 3D graphics computing, the G367 supports 4K resolution on three independent displays.

In the multi-display series, Giada also has the G330, a video-wall player with six DP outputs. To further enrich the series, Giada will soon launch players supporting 9-screen and 15-screen display solution.

Semi-industrial players

Giada has recently launched an industrial control PC, the ISC-261. The launch of the ISC-261, adds a new member to Giada’s semi-industry PC family, which includes the AE67-W1. Available in two configurations, with Intel® Celeron® N3350 for maximum performance, or Intel Atom™ x5-E3930 designed for extended operating ranges, the ISC-261 excels through its high-efficiency processing and rugged design aimed at industrial use.

The AE67-W1 is a high-end fanless PC for 24/7 running, powered by a 7th generation Intel Core processors, and it is able to deliver smooth content to any of its (4K) connected displays. The PC adopts the design and manufacturing process of industrial PCs and supports wide operating temperatures (-20°C-60°C), and has wider applications, such as semi-outdoor kiosks.

About GDSM

In 2018, Giada released GDSM, a new generation of intelligent digital signage solution, based on years of industry experience, to meet the requirements of the IoT market for digital signage solutions which are more streamlined, intelligent and scalable. GDSM is compatible with most Giada players, including the G468. GDSM is now available in China and Southeast Asia.

GDSM, which can be installed quickly and is easy to maintain and use, captured users’ attention shortly after it was released. GDSM is a vigorous platform – supporting expansion, customization and secondary development – which can continuously integrate AI technology and quickly adapt to front-end equipment to meet the expanding demands of the retail industry.

About Giada

Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd. (JEHE), is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Giada is dedicated to promoting the development of the global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry, focusing on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranking number one media player supplier in the German-speaking region, is a core partner of Intel in China, and an Associate Member of Intel ISA (IoT Solution Alliance)