Giada's NI-HM65T Tiny Nano ITX Motherboard

– All the power of a desktop PC – in the palm of your hand –

April 26, 2012, Shenzhen, China – The versatile new NI-HM65T Nano ITX motherboard from Giada puts the power of a desktop computer into the tiniest possible space, just 12cm across. This tough but tiny powerhouse is perfect for industrial control, monitoring and automation tasks, and embedded applications, or even for home and office use. Built around Intel's HM65 Express chipset and the Sandy Bridge platform, this motherboard brings its users high performance and connectivity, while keeping power costs low. It provides all the industry-standard features of a desktop PC, but in a tiny 12cm by 12.8cm Nano ITX package, just a fraction of the size of an ordinary PC.

Powered by Intel's fast Core i7,i5, i3 or Celeron 867 CPUs, with by up to 4GB of memory, plus onboard integrated sound, video and graphics support, the Giada NI-HM65T can easily handle almost any computing task.

For industrial control and automation applications, the NI-HM65T offers rock solid reliability, and full compatibility with key industry standards, with a COM header to ensure support for legacy hardware. This extremely low profile board uses a 25mm high mini-ITX backplate, to reduce system space requirements.

With the creation and integration of their own PCI extension on the rim of the motherboard, Giada offers customers with specific requirements the ability to design and manufacture custom add-on boards for additional expandability.

On board there are two Mini PCIe slots. One can support a WiFi and/or Bluetooth card while the other allows users to add a mSATA or a high-speed internal SSD drive. The reliability and durability of an internal SSD drive is perfect for challenging operating environments where dust or vibration might make traditional hard disk drives unsuitable, such as factory floor or external digital signage – as well as offering enhanced performance and lower power consumption for everyday applications. Each board has undergone strict quality control tests, include 5 complete 24 hour tests at 65 C, and testing at -15 C for to ensure suitability for very low temperature environments. Nickel core inductors and solid capacitors are used to further enhance reliability and stability.

In addition to the mSATA drive, a 6Gb/s SATA 3 port supports a wide range of storage devices, including traditional hard disk drives, SSDs, and CD/DVD/BD optical drives. There is a SO-DIMM memory slot for up to 4GB of speedy 1066MHz or 1333MHz DDR3 DRAM.

There are two fast USB 2.0/1.1 connectors on the back panel. These can be used to connect devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, and cameras. USB can also be used to supplement the internal SATA disk drives with additional removable mobile storage for backup purposes, mass data transfer, or storing video, photos, and audio. The NI-HM65T supports Gigabit LAN for connection to a high speed network.

The NI-HM65T has graphics support integrated on board, with HDMI and VGA video outputs. The board also offers vivid 5.1 channel surround sound from the ALC662 audio interface, with a digital output S/PDIF connector for unimpaired audio quality even in environments with high EMI levels. The board's audio and video capabilities make it an ideal choice for dedicated embedded applications such as Smart TV controller or set top box.

The NI-HM65T provides superior performance while keeping operating costs very low. Shenzhen JieHe is very happy to be bringing this extremely versatile new mini-PC to the worldwide market. The company welcomes inquiries from new and existing customers throughout the world.

About Giada

Giada is a premium brand of JEHE (Shenzhen Jiehe Technology Development Co., Ltd), the leading global manufacturer of motherboards, digital products, and graphics cards. JEHE was Nvidia's very first official partner in China for add-in cards. Since powering its way into the ranks of the country's top three manufacturers in 2003, JEHE has also built up a long and fruitful relationship with CPU makers Intel and AMD.

With about 1000 employees at 8 locations worldwide, plus its reknowned background in OEM and ODM, JEHE boasts clear superiority in product knowledge, chip purchasing and technology development. Now, the Giada brand brings this accumulated knowledge and quality commitment to the international market and to consumers worldwide. Find out more about the Giada brand and other products at: