Jazz Hipster Announces New Conferencing Speakerphones for Personal, Small & Large Teams or Classes

Wide range of new Bluetooth/USB all-in-one speakerphones for eMeeting, conferencing – portable, easy to use, HD quality

[Taipei, Taiwan, May 24th, 2022] Jazz Hipster Corporation (Jazz Hipster), a leading manufacturer of innovative audio products, has announced a series of new all-in-one conferencing speakerphones for everything from personal use, to small collaborations to larger team meetings. Jazz Hipster conferencing solutions are ideal for in office, WFH, or educational needs, build in Hi-Fi speakers and HD quality microphones, ease of use and portability.

CS1 Slim: Personal, Portable Conferencing Speakerphone

Ideal for small team meetings, impromptu collaborations or personal remote learning, this all-in-one, super portable, slim and light ‘puck’-sized speakerphone slips easily into any bag or pocket. Four inbuilt microphones provide 360° omnidirectional reception. A powerful AI-DSP provides ambient noise reduction allow everyone to be heard, even in an active discussion with multiple people talking at once. Bluetooth connectivity provides easy setup, and the internal battery supplies up to 12 hours of activity, with fast recharging performed via USB-C.
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VC1000: Powerful, Portable, 360-degree Video Speakerphone

The portable VC1000 is perfect for team meetings and inter-office virtual collaborations with up to eight people. Place it down anywhere, there is no need to move seats to be seen and heard. The VC1000 ensures everyone can be face-to-face thanks to its 4x Full HD cameras, 4x beamforming microphones covering 360-degrees, seeing and hearing the whole room, while inbuilt AI auto-video-framing and DOA voice tracking ensures the person speaking is seen and heard clearly. Inside, a powerful, high efficiency speaker allows everyone to hear the connected party clearly. Easy to connect and setup with convenient USB-C connectivity.
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VB300: Enterprise-grade All-in-One Video Conferencing Bar Speakerphone

Upgrade a meeting room with an Enterprise-grade, ultrawide 4K HDR camera, professional Hi-Fi speaker and directional microphone, all from an elegantly designed conferencing bar. With Android OS built-in, the VB300 features powerful AI-video and AI-audio processing that handles advanced voice calibration, distortion correction, and provides outstanding noise reduction. Requiring just a single cable output to a display, the VB300 is extremely easy to setup and start a virtual meeting for a team.
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About Jazz Hipster Corporation

Jazz Hipster was established in 1981 in Taiwan as a professional speaker manufacturer in response to market demand and led the human acoustic technology evolution for more than 40 years. Jazz Hipster provides a wide range of ODM/OEM product lines and solutions, including Video/Audio Conference Series, Home Theater Series, Speaker Drivers, and Healthcare Speakers.

It also provides IoT speaker solutions with high flexibility on demand. Its innovative products concepts, reliable quality, and high-standard acoustic technology make it a leader in the acoustic market. Furthermore, assisting our partners in fulfilling the savvy user’s market demands is the mission that Jazz Hipster is committed to accomplishing.

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