Light Up Your Gaming PC with the Panram Light Sword Series DDR3 Memory Modules

DDR3 Memory Modules Featuring Fiber Optic LED Illumination

8/7/2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Panram, a flash memory manufacturer, today announces the Light Sword Series Memory Modules. These illuminated memory modules allow gamers to create dynamic lighting effects in their gaming rig to complement their high-end hardware.

Illuminate Your Hardware Creations

With a fiber optic LED light on the top of the modules, gamers and overclockers can add another level of visual effects to their system builds like never before. The 2400Mhz modules add red lighting to the system, while the 2800Mhz and 3000Mhz modules come equipped with blue LED lighting.

Enhanced Thermal Design

The Panram Light Sword Series Memory Modules features 8 layers of highly compressed PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and a thin, diamond cut aluminum heat sink. This design effectively dissipates heat and prolongs the memory modules lifespan. These Panram illuminated modules also support Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) technology.

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About Panram

Established in 1994, Panram Technology Corporation is a Taipei, Taiwan-based flash memory and DRAM provider with over twenty years in experience in DRAM production. Panram strives to provide consumers top quality products and diverse choices. With the company's solutions being used for everything from personal computers, workstations, and servers to personal digital devices, Panram's offerings are incorporated into your daily life. For more information, please visit Panram’s website: