Panram Launches Next Generation High Performance DDR4 Memory Modules – NINJA – V Series

Entering The New Generation High Performance Computing

August 28, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Panram, a flash and DRAM memory manufacturer, today announces its new NINJA – V Series DDR4 memory modules for high performance on the latest Haswell-E platform.

New Generation of DRAM

While DDR3 memory modules has been the mainstream choice for years, it has been facing bottlenecks in bandwidth as well as high voltage. Panram's DDR4 remedies these issues by providing higher bandwidth at a lower voltage. Voltage is down to 1.2V compared to DDR3's 1.65V and baseline transfer bandwidth from 2133MT/s.

The Panram NINJA -V series DDR4 memory modules are available in DDR4-2133MHz and DDR4-2400MHz. Both models have a 288 pin DDR4 U-DIMM interface, and is available in 8GB and 16GB kits. Every module is 100% hand tested to assure optimal operation. Panram provides a lifetime warranty for the NINJA – V Series.

Price and Availability

The Panram NINJA -V series DDR4 memory modules will be available with heat sinks in two color options: snow white and dark cool.

  • DDR4-2133MHz 8GB Kit: Open Price
  • DDR4-2133MHz 16GB Kit: Open Price
  • DDR4-2400MHz 8GB Kit: Open Price
  • DDR4-2400MHz 16GB Kit: Open Price

About Panram

Established in 1994, Panram Technology Corporation is a Taipei, Taiwan-based flash memory and DRAM provider with over twenty years in experience in DRAM production. Panram strives to provide consumers top quality products and diverse choices. With the company's solutions being used for everything from personal computers, workstations, and servers to personal digital devices, Panram's offerings are incorporated into your daily life. For more information, please visit Panram’s website: