Honda Bike Designer Launches Sleek iPhone 6 Wallet / Wireless Charging Case on Kickstarter

qronoCase Rail System Extends iPhone 6 with Wireless Charging, Power Bank and Wallet Functionality

12 December 2014 – Houston, Texas – Mike Chan, a native of Texas, and one of the designers of the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR, Cycle World's International Bike of the Year, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a fully functional iPhone 6 case in a sleek body - qronoCase. Dedicating the last two years to implement the styling and design of motorsport dynamics into everyday products, Mike and his team at qronoDesign, now an Apple-approved MFi-certified developer, are excited to finally share the fruit of their labor with qronoCase.

“Most companies in the technology scene still struggle to combine great functionality with a user-centric yet stylistic design, while in the motorsport racing industry it has become standard. I started qronoDesign,” Mike Chan said, “to bring the emotional design standards of the transportation design world to the technology industry, which will hopefully move the whole industry forward.”

Three Accessories for a Complete Mobile Life

qronoCase’s patented rail system allows the case to be combined with interchangeable accessories – Rail strap, qronoCell, and qronoQue – letting you customize the accessory that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Rail Strap - Take Perfect Selfies

When in classic strap mode – qronoCase allows you to take confident selfies without the worry of the dropping your phone. If not in the selfie mood, the classic strap, which is attached to the rail system at the back of the qronoCase, can hold credit cards, cash and even headphones, meaning you never have to carry a money clip or wallet again.

The elastic straps come in many colors and patterns, so each person can find the style that suits their fancy.

qronoCell – Extend Battery Capacity by 100%

The 1cm-thin, qronoCell, attaches to the back of the qronoCase and extends the battery life of the iPhone 6 by 100%. The qronoCell can even be daisy-chained to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The qronoCase’s top-side logo doubles as a touch sensor, making it easy to check battery status and power on/off. A LED trim indicates you when the qronoCell is charging or needs to be recharged.

qronoQue – Simple Wireless Charging

The qronoQue adds wireless charging functionality to your iPhone 6, eliminating the need to constantly plug in a cable to charge. QronoQue is the perfect companion on your office desk, or as a bedside accessory, letting you work cable free and increase productivity.

MFi-Certified Lightning Connector

As qronoCase will go through the MFi-certification process, when qronoCase is plugged into a computer via the lightning connector, the iPhone 6 will both charge and sync – directly through the case.

Become An Early Supporter on Kickstarter

The qronoCase Kickstarter is a chance to become an early supporter — and gain earlier access to the iPhone 6’s most innovative premium accessory. Support at any level is appreciated, with generous supporters being gifted with benefits ranging from a qronoCase and strap to the opportunity to create a collection of custom qronoCases with the qronoDesign team. Learn more about our Kickstarter campaign:

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About qronoDesign

qronoDesign is led by Mike Chan, a native of Texas and Honda designer who helped develop the 2008 CBR1000RR, which was Cycle World's International Bike of the Year, as well as ATVs, watercrafts and more. Mike and the qronoDesign team aim to implement the styling and precision design of the high-performance motorsport industry to create everyday use products that evoke emotions and desires. Originally starting in Houston, Mike and his team relocated to the technology hub of Taipei, Taiwan to gain access to suppliers and manufacturers of the highest quality. After two years of hard work and dedication, qronoDesign is excited to share the fruits of their labor with qronoCase.