Apacer Announces New Partnerships to Create Industrial Cloud Services At Embedded World 2020

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, February 19, 2020 - Apacer, a global leader in industrial storage and memory, will once again participate in the Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. In response to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 industry trends, the company has formed alliances with industrial IoT leaders. Apacer strives to provide comprehensive end-to-cloud services and make the integration process simpler. When data storage, transmission, and system control are more stable, companies can improve their operational efficiency and strengthen their core competitive advantages.

Powerful Partnerships In Cloud Services

Company partners include Advantech, developers of the WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn remote device management (RDM) software, and Allxon, creators of the Allxon Device Management system. To support them in their growth, Apacer created the SV250 industrial cloud IoT SSD, as well as the Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition monitoring plug-in. DBS Cloud Edition allows users to easily view real-time information on the Dashboard and carry out remote device management. The intelligent monitoring center can observe the status of any connected Apacer SSD in real time, such as remaining lifespan, operating temperature and environmental temperature. It also has a warning function that can alert engineers when an abnormality occurs, using an app, email or SMS. This solution has high scalability and flexibility, and supports various cloud service platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google.

Introducing Innovative Technology

At Embedded World 2020, Apacer will also demonstrate 3D NAND PCIe SSDs equipped with CoreGlacier™ cooling technology, designed to keep NAND Flash temperatures low and ensuring that data is fully protected. Apacer also provides a variety of high-performance storage solutions, such as 3D NAND SLC-liteX technology, providing up to 30,000 write/erase cycles, industrial-grade memory cards and a full range of DDR4-2933/3200 memory, using high-quality original DRAM chips. The latter is ideal for high-end server platforms based on Intel’s Cascade Lake and AMD’s Rome.

SSDs On The Go

Driven by the global wave of AIoT, industrial control applications are becoming more diversified. Apacer is growing its business in the automotive application industry, and will showcase industrial microSD storage solutions developed for the automotive market equipped with SMART self-monitoring systems. They indicate the health status of the SSD, and thanks to industrial wide-temperature protection (-40°C to 85°C) can operate in extreme environments. With data security protection technology installed, the product is suitable for vehicle driving recorders, vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) and navigation equipment (GPS). Apacer is also in the process of confirming IATF16949 certification.

Building Bridges To The Cloud

Adhering to the company's vision and mission, with digital storage as the core, Apacer develops technology-based integration to help the rapid development of smart manufacturing. With years of experience in the industrial control storage industry, Apacer works closely with partners to increase product diversity and feed new energy into the evolution of vertical industries.

2020 Nuremberg Embedded World Information

Date: 2/25 to 2/27, 2020
Booth numbers:

  • Hall 1 / Stand 1-505 (Main hall)
  • Hall 4 / Stand 4-639 (Co-exhibition with TAITRA)

Venue: Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany

About Apacer

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