Successful Kickstarter robot project thanks backers with free upgrades

STEAM Teachers and Elementary school students praise educational robot’s ease of use

August 22nd, 2018, Shenzhen, China.MATATALAB is proud to announce that after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Matatalab educational robot sets are all shipped out with free upgraded packages for all Kickstarter backers. The Reddot design award-winning Matatalab robot was an outstanding success on Kickstarter, securing 110% of its required funding within 24 hours. These free upgrades are Matatalab’s way of repaying the confidence and trust of Kickstarter supporters.

During 2018, the Matatalab team traveled across the world meeting teachers to get their feedback and hear about their experience with Matatalab sets. Elementary school teachers and their students expressed their happiness working with the Matatalab sets in an early adoption program which has proven their sturdiness in a classroom environment. Teachers also praised the fact that Matatalab sets does not require a computer or tablet, so students can focus purely on the task at hand. Additionally, the robot’s truly unique features, like the ability to play music, make it stand out in today’s market.

Free upgrades for backers

As well as the Kickstarter stretch goals of 3 extra coding blocks and the unique UFO cover, all Matatalab sets have been upgraded. The original Starter Set, now named the Coding Set, has been expanded with 8 advanced blocks, 10 angle blocks, 8 obstacles, 2 destination flags, and 2 extra challenge books. The previous Advanced Set has been upgraded with the Musician add-on, and the Pro Set has been upgraded to include both the Musician and Artist add-ons.

Kickstarter success and Reddot design award

Matatalab reached many of its Kickstarter stretch goals, leading to extra goodies for those who pre-ordered. Success in other forms came with the Matatalab set winning the coveted Reddot award 2018 in the babies & toddlers toys category, quote from the jury: “This coding set appeals to children with its thoughtfully designed cards and figures. Furthermore, the rules are intuitively understood, so that children can start to play and code straight away.” Part of the praise for Matatalab set is its durability, which is critical in classroom environments where things tend to fall from tables and desks often. This reaffirmed the belief of the Matatalab team in their product. It should also be a clear signal for everyone looking to pick up the Matatalab sets, that its quality design is meant to inspire teachers, parents, and child to explore and learn in a fun way.

Early adopters who backed the project on Kickstarter are delighted with their Matatalab sets. “It seems to be an excellent educational toy” said one backer who shared the set with his six year old daughter. “My little boy loves it so much and plays it the first thing after wakes up,” said another backer.

Trusted by teachers

From the earliest design phase, Matatalab insisted on having a tangible learning experience for children, where they are not distracted by other devices like tablets and computers during class. Whether it’s the ability of Matatalab set to play music and dance, or the fun pastime of creating costumes for the little robot, it enables young kids to be exactly what they need to be, creative and explorative. The included play map enables children and teachers to build their own challenge maps using their own imagination.

Feedback from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) teachers and instructors includes praise for its low learning curve, and the spectacular way Matatalab set integrates music and drawing. Matatalab has been certified for US CTSA K-2 standards for education. Matatalab has also been adopted by a network of 31 European ministries of education, European Schoolnet, for its Future Classroom Lab project. Matatalab and European Schoolnet share the same vision of future educational trends, especially in the preschool STEAM education segment. European Schoolnet operates key educational services on behalf of the European Commission, ministries of education, and industry.

Your Matatalab Set is on the way!

With the Matatalab sets in the hands of all Kickstarter backers, the next step is to make Matatalab sets available for everyone. Currently, Matatalab is working with distributors to have the sets available in the USA, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and China. Matatalab sets will be available at the world’s favorite online retailers in the USA and China, as well as various toy and educational retail outlets in Europe. Matatalab will announce a full list of shopping options when Matatalab sets are available in September.


MATATALAB CO., LTD. is a young start-up company, founded in early 2017 by a team of four robot developers who, faced with their own children entering kindergarten age, dreamt of combining their passion with their children’s education. Partnering with great educational minds, and with a background at the world’s biggest internet companies, the team behind MATATALAB strives to provide an equal opportunity learning experience for children through simple logic and robotics. Find out more at