Technology Public Relations Services

Each product has it's own market and audience that require a specific strategy. Classic PC Hardware products are served well by hardware news and product reviews, LAN sponsorships, and Gaming influencer attention. Consumer gadgets, however, might overlap with mainstream and even network media, with seasonal buyer's guides and promotions.  

In the business segment, big industrial nations have a wide array of media for their local industries. Germany has niche media for car electronics engineers, while the USA and UK have, for example, media for military or marine electronics engineers.

Tell us your product and target market. We will make sure that your company will dominate the news in your target segment, consumer or business-related.

PC Enthusiast Technology PR

PC Enthusiasts represent the traditional audience for consumer technology PR. Consumer media has since evolved from appealing to a smaller, more mature audience of computer-builders to a broader, young audience of gadget-lovers. PC enthusiast media still remain the foundation of GlobalPR's database. (Click here to learn more about our PC Enthusiast Tech PR services

Consumer Electronics PR

Consumer Electronics are the gadgets we use in our day-to-day lives: from mobile phones and personal computers to cameras and headphones. The world's media is endlessly evolving under disruptive forces. Be at the forefront with a global tech PR agency – our international team of professionals is dedicated to help distinguish your company from the competition, and develop your marketing strategy to win the media's spotlight. (Click here to learn more about our Consumer Electronics PR services)

Gaming Hardware Technology PR

Gamers are varied in their interests and are divisible by genres and platforms. Some have backgrounds in PC hardware are are very tech savvy, looking for the latest information on how to get squeeze ever drop of performance out of their systems. Others focus on enjoying the gameplay and dont want to focus on the technical details. Some "hardcore" gamers take things very seriously, keeping up with strategy and competitive trends like a professional athlete studying play footage. GlobalPR works with media targeting the entire spectrum of gaming enthusiasts. PR services for gaming media forms a part of our consumer technology public relations services. (Click here to learn more about our Gaming Hardware PR)

Industrial Technology Products

Branding for industrial products is usually more difficult than their consumer counterparts. Industrial media is less common and more obscure; their readers tend to be engineers with technical acumen or decision-making executives in a relevant field. Consequently, writing this kind of press material demands a strong technology background coupled with media experience in order to most effectively increase industrial brand exposure. Depending on the country and market, there can be a wide range of vertical media specialized in topics such as Electronic Design, Industrial Automation, Car Electronics, Digital Signage, Marine Electronics, or Home Automation. (Click here to learn more about our PR for Industrial Technology Products)

Enterprise Technology PR

Are you launching a solution for big data, cloud computing, and large corporations? We will reach out and make sure you receive as much technology media exposure as the market leaders. Enterprise Technology PR forms a part of our industrial PR services. (Click here to learn more about our Enterprise Technology PR Services)

B2B Technology PR

B2B PR is reaching out to influencers and B2B media in your target market. If you are ready for an interview or have news for the sales channel in your target country, we have the right media contacts for you. If you are planning content marketing strategies, our copywriting team can assist you as well. (Click here to learn more about our B2B Technology PR Services)