Brand PR for Industrial Products and Enterprise Solutions

To those unfamiliar, industrial media is less common and more obscure; their readers tend to be engineers with technical acumen or decision-making executives in a relevant field. GlobalPR's multilingual team can analyze the media landscape of your target market and see which specialized media cater to your target audience. Decision makers are using media to conduct research and inform their choices. For best success, a company has to be visible among the right market media to lend credibility to its intentions of entering the market, or to confirm its commitment to its existing market presence. Missing this opportunity and only working with trade shows puts any company in a weak position and leaves the market to the active, local players.

Find your buyer audience

Many specialized or smaller companies in the B2B segment still mostly rely on trade shows to find new customers. They don't realize the huge missed opportunities of not employing a good communications strategy.

Do the Google test yourself: Which brands and products dominate your target market? Who is reporting on them? How about the big Fortune 500 brands in your market? How much coverage are you getting in comparison?

GlobalPR doesn't target financial media, but will get you covered by the media that write about the market players. Our main goal is finding all the relevant vertical media for your target market; we will make sure that you get more coverage than the your competition. Do this for a while and your sales team will notice the difference.

Don't wait to be discovered at the next trade show; make sure your brand and solutions are well known in advance. Make show visitors want to include you in their upcoming exhibition tour.

Press Release Composition for Industrial Products

Press Releases are not dead. A well-crafted press release distributed to the right engineering and vertical media creates sales leads. Add good SEO practice and strategies and your news will rank well for your target application.

Press releases for the Industrial and Enterprise market require a high level of technical understanding, as the market comprises engineers and technical editors with engineering backgrounds. Writers need to be able to understand the complexity of the product and convey it in a compelling way without losing information.

GlobalPR's writers are graduates in computer sciences with a flair for writing; they ensure every piece of news matches the high standards of the target publication.

Contributed Articles Pitching and Writing

Unlike consumer media, specialized technology media publish articles provided by companies for free as long as they match their strict editorial guidelines. These publications are read by engineers and experts in the industry; they are about sharing challenges and solutions. As it is an editorial article, self-promotion should be minimized - it is better to promote one's expertise. Interested readers will remember the company and the author as an industry expert, contacting him/her when the next buying cycle starts.

Contributed articles are an excellent tool to establish one's brand and reputation among industry experts.

Combined with regular news exposure, social media activity, and, if possible, case studies and white paper promotions, a company can quickly establish itself as a prominent market player.

We help our clients find the right media and pitch article opportunities; our experienced writers will create content that the media is happy to publish.

Technology Case Studies Writing

Case studies provide complete examples of product solutions. They are designed to be demonstrative; they explain each step of a product's implementation, from start to finish, providing example successful stories.

The content of a case study is threefold: first, we describe the customer's needs and circumstances; second, we present the strategy for solution; finally, we analyze the results.

There are three advantages to case studies:

  1. Your company will know and be involved with the subject customer to collect marketing insights

  2. You can test your product's efficacy in a controlled environment, learn it's strengths and weaknesses

  3. You can get a better idea of how your product sizes up against competitors in the field

GlobalPRs experienced technical writers draft cases studies based on the material provided by our clients. Give us the raw material and we will craft a well written document for you. Together with our impeccable translations, you can conquer any market.

Technology White Paper Writing and Marketing

White papers, for our purposes, are technical reports targeted to technicians in fields like IT technology or Industrial PCs.

These convey a highly detailed understanding of the technical advantages of your high end technology products, and elaborate on their full implementation from start to finish. White papers are meant to reflect a product's technical superiority.

We bring skilled writers with engineering backgrounds to ensure your product is accurately represented.

You can use white papers on your website or send them to buyers you're in touch with, but most importantly you can use them to generate leads. Simple print or banner ads are often not able to convey the details of your solution.

Most publishers already integrate lead generation with their white paper promotion services. Why wait for the next trade show if your sales team can get leads directly through a well-crafted white paper marketing campaign.

Media Appointments at Industry Exhibitions and Conferences

Media Appointments at Industry Exhibitions and Conferences

There is a plethora of exhibitions and conferences focusing on various industries, especially in large technical markets like the US and Germany.

Having a strong presence in an exhibition is important, but interacting with media at these events is equally valuable. Get attention by announcing your new products and trade show attendance in advance. Schedule interviews of your management with the media to establish your company and brand credibility.

GlobalPR can do all of this for you through our extensive media relations.