ADATA DDR4 Memory Modules Ready for Intel Haswell-EP

On Show at Intel Developer Forum 2014

Taipei, Taiwan – September 9, 2014 – ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, is pleased to announce its full line of DDR4 extreme performance memory modules already support Intel® Haswell-EP series processors. All ADATA DDR4 memory modules will be on display in Booth #379 at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2014). ADATA’s DDR4 memory supports server, consumer workstation and gaming PC applications. ADATA’s lightning-fast DDR4 products deliver superior scalability, power-saving capability, and ultimate reliability for consumer, enterprise and industrial applications across the globe.

Intel® Haswell-EP Compatible: Power for Big Data and Cloud

All of ADATA’s DDR4 DRAM memory solutions are Intel® Haswell-EP compatible to leverage the best in performance, scalability, power efficiency, and reliability. Further benefits such as accessibility and serviceability offer top-to-bottom transparency that factors significantly with the Internet of Things (IoT). ADATA’s DDR4 DRAM memory solutions range from 4–16GB to meet the high-volume demands of Big Data and Cloud applications.

Low-Power Consumption, Faster Performance, Eco-Friendly

With speeds of up to 2133MHz and transfer bandwidths reaching 17GB/s, ADATA’s new DDR4 memory modules provide lightning-fast data transfer without compromise to reliability. By running at a mere 1.2V, ADATA DDR4 memory modules use up to 20% less power than conventional lower-performance DDR3 modules. By consuming less power, ADATA DDR4 memory modules are the green choice for users seeking environmentally friendly solutions.

Wide Range of Applications

With sizes ranging from 4, 8, to 16GB and bandwidths racing upward to 2133MHz at 17GB/s transfer speeds, ADATA’s server DDR4 memory modules are Intel® Haswell-EP compatible to ensure superior performance. ADATA server memory modules come in three convenient form factors: DDR4 R-DIMM for Server / Enterprise; DDR4 VLP R-DIMM for High-End Blade Servers; and DDR4 ECC SO-SIMM for Micro Servers.

For desktop PC Users, ADATA’s Premier DDR4 2133 U-DIMM memory module is the best upgrade solution for DIY PC users. With speeds starting from 2133MHz and a transfer bandwidth reaching 17GB/s, the DDR4 U-DIMM provides greater data transfer efficiency than previous generations. For gamers, ADATA’s XPG Z1 DDR4 U-DIMM is the choice extreme performer for gamers. With speeds of up to 3200MHz, bandwidth blazing along at 25.6GB/s, the XPG Z1 blasts out the fastest data transfer speeds for overclockers.


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